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For one thing, your texts are not as private as you think. Even if you delete your texts, they may be backed up in the cloud. Or anyone can take a screenshot or download your text conversation, and show it to someone else. But too many of us are texting like no one else is watching. So Elliott and Vicki Salemi, a career expert at job site Monster.

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Limit texts to asking a quick question or sharing an important detail. This is the place to share that a meeting location has changed, or to ask someone to share contact information.


Or if the message you need to convey will take more than two or three sentences, send an email with more detail, and then simply text them a note to check their email. Avoid anything that could be seen as racially or sexually inappropriate, of course.

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Read here for more details about the availability of messaging. For your in progress projects, here are three ways you can message your employers:.

Can employers read the content of text messages sent from your personal smartphone?

Go to the Payments tab of your project page. Click Chat below your display name. Your message thread for that project will pop up on the chat window. Click the name of the user you wish to chat with for your chat thread to pop up. All message threads are kept in the Inbox. You have three ways to go to your Inbox:. Email me when someone replies.

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Are Employers Entitled to Monitor Employees’ Text Messages?

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