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Next click and enter your billing information. Complete the order process and check your email for the instructions. Once your order is processed, you will receive an email with your license key. This code will be used to create your username and password for your online account. Your account is where your logs will be viewed and stored. This email will also contain links to the installation instructions. Click on one of the links depending on what type of phone Android, iOS or BlackBerry you wish to monitor, now you will be shown step-by-step instructions to download and install the spy app onto that phone.

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These instructions can also be found in the online user guide. Mobile Spy is available for Android devices running Android 2. After the app is downloaded to the phone, run the installer file on the phone.

The app will install in full stealth mode. Select the option to start monitoring.

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It remains active in the background even if the phone is turned off and back on. The activities will be recorded and uploaded rapidly to your online Mobile Spy account. You can visit the login page anytime to view the logs in your account. You will be brought to the Online Control Panel after entering your user name and password. The log features are categorized by type, click on the type you wish view to begin.

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There you go! Do you suspect your child or employee is abusing their phone privileges?

Are you concerned they are using the phone for inappropriate activities? Mobile Spy can help you discover the truth about your children or employees and what they are up to. Discover the truth about their social media, text messages, call history, photos, videos, contacts, and GPS locations.

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You can also receive up-to-the-minute data about the phone and remotely control the phone. This feature also gives you the ability to have the recorded data automatically delivered to your email inbox.

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Unlike anything else in the spy software industry , this feature allows you to discreetly perform LIVE monitoring, and also allows you to control their cell phone from anywhere. Other instant commands are also included such as remotely sending an SMS text message from the monitored device or initiate a call from the monitored device.

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In addition, Jailbreaking is a bad idea anyway as it is an incredibly complicated process, voids the device's warranty and jailbroken monitoring software will no longer function once the device updates to the latest OS. Unlike competing products, WebWatcher does not require the customer to "jailbreak" their iOS device. Recorded data displays in the WebWatcher account once every 24 hours after the last iCloud backup.

WebWatcher for Android is our Top Pick because it is easy to install, has an intuitive web-based interface and it is the only monitoring solution available that does not require you to Root the Android device. This is critically important as Rooting is an incredibly complicated process, voids the Android's warranty and rooted monitoring software will no longer function once the device updates to the latest OS.

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From our testing, WebWatcher for Android is very reliable, with few if any bugs. In addition, WebWatcher makes monitoring easy for the user by providing alert word notifications as well as highlighting alert words in text messages.

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  • BlackBerry has a very large share of the market and is the preferred choice of many as it offers a physical keyboard instead of an onscreen one that requires users to tap on glass without the tactile feedback the buttons provide. Read Full Review. Website History Tracking. In addition to SMS, photos, location and calls, you can also view websites visited from the Android smartphone. This is especially important as smartphone data usage continues to increase making it a common place for people to access the internet, in addition to their computer.